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What is database development and why do you need it? The use of a database in your website and/or a mobile application (iPhone, Blackberry, Android etc.) expands your ability to store data while allowing your users to interact with the data in a real-time fashion.  This can range to you personally being able to update […]

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Fix error: #5.0.0 smtp;554 mail server permanently rejected message (#5.3.0)>

I recently turned on Greylisting and Microsoft hosted mail began to complain of Mail problems – 554 mail server permanently rejected message I added the following line and it started working right away: # /usr/local/psa/bin/grey_listing –update-server -domains-whitelist “add:*” The thread can be found below.  Apparently you must apply this everytime you update your greylisting software. […]

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Things to factor when building a website or web database system

Google provides a tremendous amount of tools for building a website.  A good portion of real estate websites make use of some form of  Google’s services.  For example, our AgentsBuddy real estate website system uses Google Maps to display listings on a map.  This feature if very popular with our REALTORS® and their clients.  BUT…did you […]

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